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Hi - I'm interested in building a hybrid computer that's part laptop and part desktop. Basically, I'm looking for the functionality of a desktop but with the portability of a laptop, but doesn't have to be super slim. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's what I'm thinking.

CPU - I want to use mostly desktop parts and mix with some laptop parts. The biggest problem with traditional desktops (in my opinion) is that various cards (graphics, sound, modem) are all installed perpendicular to the motherboard. However, I want to to install everything PARALLEL to the mother board using PCI cables (hopefully someone sells these). Then, I want to use laptop hard drives for the "shock" factors the computer will receive during movement.

The next problems are the case and the heat dissipation. However, I'm not too concerned about this because I'm planning on building my own case and I'm a mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge of heat transfer so I can design to ensure proper heat system is created. What I can't figure out is the power supply. I know a high power supply=larger size so maybe I can put two smaller power supplies in parallel? I'm guessing the resultant power supply is some sort of natural log function where the resultant power supply isn't the sum of the two individual power supplies.

Laptop side - I'm interested in adding a laptop function to this computer; most importantly the monitor. I'd like to install a laptop monitor so that I can close and open my monitor, and operate like a laptop. Maybe the computer can even run on battery power for about 10-30 minutes (no more is required).

Finally - does anyone know specific instruction to set up raid 0,1, etc to maximize use of Adobe After Effects and Premiere?

In summary, I'm looking for the ultimate hybrid computer that's too big for a laptop but too small for a desktop with an attached monitor and keyboard (this can be removable). Any thoughts? Please help. Thanks!

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  1. A couple things - you can't install things perpendicular to the motherboard, you can't mix laptop parts with desktop ones (outside of hard drives), there's no way it will run on battery power (unless you carry around a car battery), and I have no idea how you plan on building a laptop screen into your system. Why not just build a micro-atx setup with onboard graphics? There's no need for many of your wild ideas like using two power supplies, mixing laptop parts, or building in the kepboard.
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