Lapped my cpu+hs i7 965 - 25 degrees cooler.

So I was upgrading my HS to DH14 and noticed that thermal compound (as5) was only covering about 10% of the cpu on the sides. So I started lapping it and it was the WORST warped IHS I have ever seen. It took me 5 hours of lapping to even reach the center at 600 grit. It was nuts. I finished it up with a 2000 grit and here are the results:

BEFORE up to 100 degrees then intel protection kicks in and underclocks:

AFTER up to 75 degrees:

Funny thing is I've been running this for 2 years and didn't know how bad it was. Now I need to see what's wrong with one of my gtx 480 going up to 100 degrees with accelero extreme
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  1. Been using it for about a week now, getting same results at 100% load. Pretty happy with the results.
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