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HI my friend is looking to buy parts to build a custom waterloop but he has no clue on what he's buying and I have usually just used kits so I dont know what to tell him. So can someone please give a list of everything he'll need to build a waterloop. he is going to use this radiator for his GPU's and this radiator for his cpu and lastly this tubing Im terrible at hyperlinking... sorry! But if you can just say everything he needs to build his watercooling that'd be great thanks!
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  1. If he or you reads through the sticky up top, you will get a good idea of the components required,
    One reason I can't advise you more specifically is,
    I don't know what he's going to be cooling,
    what Cpu? What gfc card and how many?
    Anything overclocked?
    You need that information to calculate radspace required :-)
  2. Oh ok thank you.. He wants to cool 2 680s and a 2700k maybe overclock the 2700k and cards but not sure
  3. You'll have to find out from him,
    The way watercooling works is you find out how much heat your parts produce, for example his chip (at standard setting) is rated as a 95w chip, this means there is 95w of heat to get rid of, graphics cards are usually in the 180w area,
    So roughly you need a rad or rads that will get rid of 400w of heat, most of us allow a decent measure of headroom on top as well
    But an overclocked chip can produce a great deal more heat,
    Have a word with him and get some definite answers on his overclocking plans,
    What case is this all going into btw? I'm sure hes going to have to modify a fair bit depending on the cases size/layout
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