Wich one is better?athlon ii x4 620 or phenom ii x2?

Hello, i;m about to build my new pc which using amd platform but i'm still confuse which one is better amd athlon ii x4 620 or phenom ii x2?
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  1. Check this.


    you can choose different cpus and see how they compare.
  2. It depends on what you want to use the PC for.

    If you are looking to get maximum performance in current games you can get a faster clocked dual core (X2) for the same price as a slower-clocked quad core (X4). The clock speed will be a little better for running a single intensive application.

    If you intend to multitask, or to keep the processor for a long time a quad core will be better for multitasking and will age better. (as you may imagine--more cores do more things).
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