Phenom X-6 1035t over clocking

Hey Im looking for a little advice on this processor, Phenom II x-6 1035t, ive done all kinds of searching around looking for the best over clocking reviews I could find. So far ive come across a few claiming to have gotten this processor stable at 4 ghz from its stock 2.6, ive managed to get my chip to 3.6 stable and havent gone any further.

My question is more for those out there who may have had one of these chips at some point and weather or not they ( you ) had any success with over clocking this particular chip.
If you have would you happen to remember the bios settings you ended with so i might try applying them to see what results I can obtain?

Bus speed x multiplier used ?
Cpu NB freq

Ht link ( if used or left auto please specify )

Voltages used ?

I appreciate any info replied to this thread thanks alot! :)
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  1. what mobo/ram/psu/gpu are you using? stock or aftermarket cooling?
  2. Hey thanks for responding, heres my setup :

    Mobo : Asus M4A79XTD Evo

    Ram : 1333 Mhz Kingston ( Standard Ram ) Dimm 4x4 Gb chips ( 16 Gbs Total )

    PSU : Run of the Mill Non Modular 585 Watt Master Cooler

    GPU : Sapphire ATI Radeon 6750 1GB GDDR5 stock at 800 Mhz , Running at 860 without increased Voltage.

    CPU Cooler : Master Cooler V6 GT 2x120 mm fans Front and back on Very large Heat Sink, Compound Arctic Silver.

    Tower : Half 912 Master Cooler

    Fans Include
    2x 120 mm Fans Front ( Intake )
    1x 200 mm Fan Top ( Exhaust )
    1x 120 mm Fan Rear ( Exhaust )
    1x 92 mm Fan Side Panel ( Intake )
    2x 120 mm Fans Included on V6 GT

    While under load at 3.6 Ghz over clocked, playing Mass Effect 3 Full Graphics and Anti Aliasing Enabled the Cpu will reach 28-31 Degrees Celsius, Total over all heat internally highest ive seen it reach is 37 Degrees.

    Hope This helps, any thoughts or opinions are welcomed :)

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