Fan works but no image no beep sound after start up

I was just using the computer in the afternoon to play games and at night when i tried to turn it on, there was no image. There is an LED light for power and one for HDD. When i turned it on, the LED for hdd did not light up but the LED for the power did. So after i have pressed the power button, the CPU fan works but there was no beep sound and there was no image on the screen.

I have not installed any hardware or programmes recently. I just did an antivirus check last Friday and it was clean. I did a RAM test using memtest86 in feb and the ram was working.

Here are the specs of my computer: It is a self-assembled computer that i got last September. Have been working fine without any problems. No hardware upgrade done so far.

Core(TM)2 Quad Processor Q9400
Kingston HyperX 4GB (KHX8550D2K2/4G)
Western Digital 1.0TB HDD (WD10EADS)
OCZ 500MXSP 500w PSU
Asus P5q SE Plus Motherboard

I'm using Windows XP. Before i successfully shut down on the last use, i connected an Ipod. Ipod is still working fine.

Here are the steps that i took:

1. Checked that the 4 pin CPU connector was plugged in.
2. Tried booting up the com with either one of the sticks of RAM. No beep sound and no image but cpu fan works on both occasions where there was only one stick of RAM.
3. Ensure that the CPU fan is plugged in because it works.
4. Did a visual check for any worn out wires/dust/dirt did not find any

My usage of the computer is about 5 hours a day up to 7 days a week. Not too sure if going to a computer repairman is a good option because they like to charge alot just for diagnosis.

Please help me out here. Thank!
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