Overclocking tommorow

im overclocking my 2600k i7 tommorow hopping for atleast 4.9ghz so i got somones oc configuration 49.0 x 100=4.9 but i wanted to make sure of some things.

ok so i go through disable turbo boost and i start messing around with the multiplier until im not stable anymore i test if im stable using prime 95 and monitoring temps at the same time. I make my system stable by moding on the core voltage the voltage im currently going to use is 1.456 but i will start lower just to makes sure im not over stressing for no reason. other then that is their anything i should look out for everything helps

I7 2600k
Spire thermax eclipse ii
Rosewill future
OCZ Technology ZS 750W
Gigabyte ga z68 b3 d2h
Western digital 500gb hard drive
Corsair venegeance 2x 4gb

Some time soon i will be upgrading to a h100 liquid cooling system if temp are right and it can fit in my case
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  1. Thats a rather gung ho approach to it (as I read the post anyway)
    You should be able to run on a lot lower voltage for a start, check the sticky up top for K series Sb chips at the top of this section
  2. First off, most 2600k's will not reach above 4.6ghz without a very high voltage. That is much too high even for the H100 to handle. Settle for a 4.5ghz OC and read this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/266189-29-sandy-bridge-series-ocing-cores-guide I was able to get my 2600k @4.6ghz stable with a 1.375V, but this does not mean your chip will need this voltage or hit this speed at this voltage. Some people have even been lucky and were able to hit 4.6 with a 1.295v! Don't blame any of your settings, blame the chip.
  3. Yup, thats the one :)
  4. i was just trying to make sure im not leaving anything major out
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