List, needed ok.

Build specs can upgrade the psu if needed and will need once I sli 680's with my 2500k oc. Been looking at the hx 1050 corsair and think it will be enough juice to accommodate when needed. Take in mind I am in a basement and ambient temps vary from 67-73 degrees fahrenheit on warm days of 86 degrees or even more. love it, ac without ac. But ac will always come when not in the man cave.
I5 2500k 4.5ghz right now with temps below 70 degrees celcius
1 evga gtx580 with the fan ramped up to 70% 60 to 65 degrees celcius under load. In step up queue for 1 gtx 680. Another will follow shortly.
2 ssd sata3's/ plextor 128g px-m2p boot and hardware apps and a sandisk extreme 120g gaming (steam and bf3)
corsair 750hx which i have 2, one in each build, love em and never have done me wrong in 2 years..
16g's of g-skill 1600 ram 9-9-9-28 other build 8g's but we arent addressing that build in this thread.
loads of fans, cfms and static pressure all over the damn place. lol

Hello all, I know you get a list form factor all the time but I need a little reassurance of this build, rubix or anyone for that matter I hope it sparks ya a bit to respond.
So i have been using a hyper 212+ on 3 different builds 2 amds, 1 fx 4100 oc'd to 4.4ghz decent but good enough temps, the other is an amd athlon 2x4 2.9ghz which I just will not even attempt to oc if I even could do it and have given to the kids. Now the one i want to liquid cool, 1 intel 2500k oc'd to 4.5ghz with all temps under 70 degrees celcius with the hyper 212+ which is the one I game on with a gtx 580 oc'd as well. Now the question why would I want to liquid cool since I can keep decent temps on both the cpu and gtx card, because I can and love the look and just all around want lower temps, I am in the step up queue at evga for 1 gtx680 and come soon I will have sli. I have read and read so I just might as well ask the question.
(strictly for gaming/surfing/shopping)
I just recently purchased the antec 1100 on sale at newegg, I already have the side panel planned so that is not an issue with no fan cutouts and will now cut the drive bays out, optical and hdd/ssd drives so i can fit a 360mm rad in the front, 2 ssds mounted where my cable management will be done with industrial velcro tape. Take in mind I've only used the storm scout case and rosewill challenger and my cable management didnt look half bad In both builds here's one with another 42" 120hrz right to the right of it not in the photo.
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Now here's a little list of the liquid cooling parts I'm looking at, at jab tech.
-Swiftech MCR320-XP eXtreme Performance Radiator Series for the front, intake fresh air into the 360mm with push/pull gentle typhoons 1850rpms, can go faster rpms if needed.
-In between the psu and swiftech rad, this is if it fits and I say "if" it fits a XSPC EX240 Dual Fan Radiator. If not i can add a 120mm single rad on the exhaust as well and maybe even something up top and bottom with some cutting, have a dremel and jigsaw so anything is possible. many options but until I have the case in my paws (thursday, friday) questions always arise for parts and placement.
-Swiftech MCRES-Micro Rev 2 can mount wherever is best for the loop.
-Swiftech MCP 355 12v DC Pump or the 655 whichever is recommended, read many good things about both.
-Compression fittings for all connections with whatever extra needed, advice recommended.
-Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme Performance CPU waterblock (Rev 2) any water block works for me if it works for you!
-Tygon tubing, don't need any kinks or unwanted problems or headaches.
-Distilled water, no dye needed plenty of leds and crap. kill coils if needed of course.

Advice, recommendations, changes, anything helps. Thanks for your time. See you on the killing fields.
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  1. I like swiftech, there are a solid company for the most part (not there reservoirs) but your build seems to be what I would do as far as the parts go. the order of the parts in the loop, can make a little difference, but you seem to know what you are doing. this is just a opinion, but I like to give myself a little room to move, or remove parts from the system, without having to remove everything. I achieve this by making the length of my tubing between 12 in. and 24 in. in length depending on how close the parts are to each, after being mounted. would you like to know more.
  2. I also like the ability to adjust the speed of the pump, this allows for fine tuning of the system, sometimes a little slower is better. for a particular loop while others require more. so what I am saying is that the 655 with adjustability would be my choose for a pump. but to be honest, you can make any pump adjustable by controlling the electricity going to it. this might be a little too much info, but if you interested I can explain how this is done.
  3. Thanks for the reply, to be honest I know diddly just what I have read myself. Never have water cooled but I did like the option of having the pump adjustable why I listed the 655 as 1 of 2 options. Also I will be buying plenty of tubing so I'm not all cramped in the case and the case is of a "decent" size. I'm not much of an electrician so adjusting the level of electricity going to the pump will not really be an option for me unless I can find a regulator or something along those lines. I will read more about reservoirs and options, maybe look into the circular Danger Dens or if you have a recommended product that would be great. Have plenty of time as I want to have it done by the end of may, take my time and get things right. thanks toolmaker!
  4. You likely aren't really going to be adjusting the speed of your pump all the time; most people don't. I've had a D5 for 6+ years and never adjusted the speed once I set it to 5. It's very, very quiet, it's powerful and there really isn't a need to constantly adjust the speed of the pump.

    Check into the XSPC Raystorm CPU block- it's a good price and great performer. You might also look into XSPC EX or RX series radiators. They will perform better than the MCR320 and won't cost too much more. You can also go up in price if you wanted and pick up a little higher performing rads as well.

    To cool a CPU and 2 either 580's or 680's, you are going to need a very good 360 rad or even a 360 and another 120, 140 or 2x120. 580s and 680s are putting out 225+ watts each at max...if you are OC'ing them, easily 500+ watts just between video cards. Another 100+ watts for a CPU at mild OC and you are exceeding a decent 360 @ 10C delta-T.

    Most average 360 rads will dissipate 500-550...maybe 575 watts with 1500-1800 rpm fans, 1.5gpm flow for a 10C delta. If you don't mind a 15C delta, just get a single, very good 360 rad and go about your day. I'd suggest a Magicool thick 360, XSPC RX 360, Black Ice SR1 360...etc.
  5. Thanks for the reply rubix, I do like the look of the raystorm and your right price isn't too bad. Also I read that adjustment to the pump really only applies when getting air bubbles out and such when I fill? So i'll just go ahead and go with the 655. Start with a black ice sr1 with the 1850rpm typhoons (don't mind a bit of noise), when I finally throw the gpu's in the mix I'll probably end up cutting and adding another 120 dual somewhere on the case, maybe just a good single to make my life a bit easier if I like the temps.. Thanks again.
  6. Quote:
    Also I read that adjustment to the pump really only applies when getting air bubbles out and such when I fill? So i'll just go ahead and go with the 655.

    I mean, the speed control does help, but it's not necessary. I leave my pump (MCP655) on 4, though it's just because I was lazy and forgot to up the speed to 5 last time I was working on it.

    Overall you'll be better off with the 655. It'll drive some pretty lengthy builds (like mine and Rubix's) and should run a good long time. It's kind of like buying a good ~1000W PSU - you won't need all of that wattage all the time, but you'll have the headroom for basically any build.

    Start with a black ice sr1 with the 1850rpm typhoons (don't mind a bit of noise), when I finally throw the gpu's in the mix I'll probably end up cutting and adding another 120 dual somewhere on the case, maybe just a good single to make my life a bit easier if I like the temps.. Thanks again.

    The XSPC RX360 is going to give you slightly better performance at that fan speed. Also the RX360 will be less restrictive in your loop.

    Keep in mind you'll be dissipating about 300W for a 5C delta and ~550W for a 10C delta for either rad, so be sure to plan accordingly once you start throwing in hotter components.

    1850rpm typhoons (don't mind a bit of noise)

    You do realize the Gentle Typhoons are one of the quietest fans out there, right?

    EDIT: Links I've been pulling data from
    SR1 360 -
    RX360 -
  7. Yea i read that they make a different kind of noise then a regular 120mm when running, and quieter. Just got the case yesterday started taking it apart, rivet by rivet and still have to wait for my powder paint to show up, get free samples. 2 pound bags usually is what they send and run it through the line, be another week or so just for that.. (powder painter for caterpillar and john deere parts).. I'll probably read for another week or so before i make any official purchases.. Every little bit of info is helping big time and i thank you guys. Rx360 is bout 10 bucks cheaper i see and if it gives better performance with the 1850rpms that sounds great.
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