Nonuniform temps of q6600 cores

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Hi there

I built my pc 16 months ago. I've always noticed that the cores had quite a difference among them, when I compared to the q6600 temperatures of my friends

Thing is, just yesterday I reapplied Arctic Silver 5, because the first time when I applied it from what I read I went overboard with the quanitity

Even though I can notice a slight decrease in temperature after I reapplied, there still is a nonuniformity between the cores. Just like before there are still two distinct core pairs that have similar temperatures. Rather than all 4.

Core 0: 39
Core 1: 31
Core 2: 30
Core 3: 37

Core 0: 38 C
Core 1: 30 C
Core 2: 28 C
Core 3: 35 C

Core 0: 55 C
Core 1: 43 C
Core 2: 43 C
Core 3: 48 C

I have a Tunic tower cpu cooler with the fan speed at ~30%. Not overclocked

The temperatures aren't a concern for me as much as the nonuniformity of the cores. My friend reported his idle temps to be 35 38 38 38

Any insights?
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  1. Was this read through a program in Windows or BIOS?
    Cause sometimes the temp's are read a little higher than they are in programs in Windows, Check BIOS.
  2. it was in coretemp v.99.5. I haven't checked it in bios yet, but will after this post

    I know q6600 core temperatures vary for each person. but I always see core 1,2 to be similar not 2,3 like mine :S
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  4. the core temps in BIOS are the same. same pattern atleast

    but here's the kicker. this morning. the temps are 30, 20, 27, 21

    this morning it was freezing, and it's 7C outside now so the cpu temperatures have dropped, but cores 2,3 are not similar anymore. but infact 1,3 and 2,4. how weird is that?
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