ASUS P6T SE - Configure Sata As IDE - Or AHCI?

I just installed an ASUS P6T SE and in the BIOS settings under "Storage Configuration", there is a default setting to Configure SATA AS IDE. I have 1 IDE drive and two SATA drives. The 1st SATA drive is a Dual boot Win7/XP and has my audio recording software and related programs installed on it. The 2nd SATA is where I store my audio project files, heavy reads and writes. I also have an IDE drive that contains images of my other drives. Not used for production. Should I leave this setting on IDE or should I change to Configur SATA AS AHCI?
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    I would leave it at IDE. Running an IDE Hard Drive you won't get the benefit of the AHCI, so no need to switch. AHCI is more of a must for SATA 6.0 Gb/s and SSD... IMO.
  2. Ok, thanks.
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