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I have a Dell XPS420 with a 375 watt psu and a ati radeon HD3870 PCIe2 512 mb. vidieo card. replaceing PSU with pc power/cooling 500w PSU.(dell wired) Now i need a card. do i need to get a 512x2 or can i get a 1024? Looking at Nivida 9800GT ? or ATI RADEION 4870 There are so many cards out there i need pro. help Thanks Lee
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  1. The 4870 is comparable to the nVidia GTX260. Luckily you now have a good power supply and should be able to handle any single GPU card. What do you use your computer for? Gaming? If so what resolution do you usually play at? Whats your budget?
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    Depends on what kind of CPU you have and how long you plan on keeping that machine.

    If you plan on using it for another couple years, get a 5770 or 58xx series so you'll have DirectX 11 capability.

    But if you've got something like an early Core 2 Duo (which is what I'm guessing based on the existing video card), you may just get a 4870 and use that until it's time to buy a whole new machine, at which point they'll probably have HD6000 series cards to look at.

    For anything out there today, the 4870 is a fine card that will serve you well. I may be partial to it because I own one, but still.
  3. after 3850 , if u buy 9800 gt ur systems cannot be upgraded exactly u wont receive big decrease of performance but not with 4870 . ur power is enough and u must buy a 4870 and taste gaming ;)
  4. Thanks to all for info, went with 5770
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