How loud is 30 db?

I have a OCZ StealthXstream 700W PSU that I think may be defective:

OCZ's tech support told me this thing is supposed to be 30 db at idle and that 30 db is almost inaudible unless I am closer than 2 feet to the unit.

So how loud exactly is 30 db? I sit with the computer in front of me at my feet, the distance from the PSU to my hear I would say is at least 4 feet. It sounds pretty audible to me.

ps: Has anyone dealt with OCZ RMA? How long do they take to ship a PSU back? I don't want my computer out for weeks or months.
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  1. It should be almost inaudible. It is as loud as a whisper from someone 3 or 4 ft away. It should be quiet, but you should still be able to hear it.
  2. I should boot it up without the case fans to see just how load the thing is. With so many noise producing components in the computer it is hard to tell exactly how much noise the PSU is producing. The last thing I want to do is sending a perfectly healthy PSU back to OCZ.
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