Overclock an i5-661 in an AsRock H55m-LE

Hello everyone. I just bought a replacement 1156 board for my system, the Asrock H55m-LE. After testing everything for a few hours, I decided to overclock everything. The problem is that when I overclock my i5-661 in increments of a mhz, I got the BSOD at 145 mhz. After a 12 mhz increase from the 133 mhz stock, the system crashes. Everything is legitimate, all the cables and coolers are fixed to the motherboard. Here are my system parts:

Intel Core i5-661 running at stock speed (for now)
AsRock H55m-LE 1156 motherboard
4 GB Crucial memory
Cooler Master V8
Corsair GS 700W
XFX Radeon HD 5750
Antec Mini P180 case
1TB Seagate Hard Drive

Everything is cool right now, the CPU is running at 23 Celcius which is abnormal when I ran the system with a GT 430; The i5-661 was at 15 degree Celcius idle. I was afraid that my system will overheat, so I took out the bottom drive cage and installed a 120mm fan. Can anyone give me some advices on going into the BIOS and changing the settings? Turbo 50 did not work with an i5-661, so I can not overclock. I had an Intel DH55TC until I had to RMA it due to a dead PCIe slot. I was running the system at 3.85 GHZ, but I had to lower the memory multipliers. Can anyone with some experience with ASRock motherboards and/or overclocking give some advices for some recommended settings? I thank you all.
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