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Hey everyone
Im new to overclocking and have a question

• (Using MSI Afterburner) I have a GTX 570 and was wondering what is a good/stable overclock to play BF3 at? I would like to overclock core clock, shader clock, and memory clock. Possibly the voltages but very little! It's not superclocked but can I assume that my card can match the specs of a superclocked card or maybe a GTX 580? I play for 2-3 hours mainly and will be turning specs down to stock when done playing.

Pc specs:
Core i5 2500(non-K)
evga gtx 570
asrock z68 extreme3 gen3
8gb ram
650 PSU

any feedback will help. Thanks.
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  1. When overclocking gpus, add 25mhz and run a stress test. Keep adding 25mhz until the overclock becomes unstable and something either tears or crashes. Once everything is fixed, roll back 25mhz and have the stress test run for a bit. With the 570s, do not overclock the memory it can cause problems. ONLY OVERCLOCK THE CORE/SHADERS!
  2. Thanks I will be trying that. I have OCCT, should I run this to infinite until it reaches an error?
  3. Run it for 1-4 hours.
  4. Can anyone post what kind of overclocks they are getting for their 570? Thanks again amuffin
  5. I am running a stress test on mine at 900mhz core clock.

    good to point out though that my gpu got this fancy heatsink called WindForce 3x which looks just like this:

    which is very effective, tests showing it being able to sink the temp up to 20º in compared to stock (MSI, EVGA) gtx 570.

    got it stabilized at 74ºC with Kombustor after 20min, but doing some intuitive geometric extrapolation i say that it could reach like 77ºC (+-0.5ºC) after some hours running it. keep in mind that Kombustor puts UNREALISTIC load at the GPU, so playing demanding games, gpu load might be significantly lower.
  6. I have a MSI gtx 570 twin frozr III that i run at 1GHZ and it runs about 59ºC
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