Geforce 6200 AGP or Geforce 8400gs PCI?

I have a old motherboard that only supports AGP and PCI. Which video card should I get? Is it becuase it is a PIC card, it will be slower than an agp even though the PCI has better GPU?
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  1. PCI or PCI-E? If it is PCI-E, then definitely.
  2. AGP is better than PCI.
  3. His motherboard only has AGP and PCI.......So obviously PCI Express will not work. 8400gs PCI.

    AGP has greated bandwidth than PCI so an AGP card is better. You can get a HD4670 or 4650 AGP although they are more expensive than PCI Express.

    Between 6200 AGP or 8400GS PCI I would go for the newer card. The 6200 is really bad and the 8400 PCI will probably be faster even though its on a slower bus.
  4. Anonymous said:
    PCI or PCI-E? If it is PCI-E, then definitely.

    NOT PCI-E, its PCI.
  5. get a xfx/sapphire 4650 igb ddr2 agp , you'll be pleased . it is light years ahead of both .
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