Hey I just got a ga-ma770-ud3 and a phenom II x6 1055T.

WHen i start up the system with any sort of usb connected it just hangs at the gigabyte splash screen. When no USB is connected it will get past the splash screen and start to load windows. As soon as the windows loading.. comes up it BSOD's. When i start the windows installer from the install disk it does the same once it loads up the installer.

I can get into BSOD with no USB's attached.

I think it is because the CPU is only supported on the latest BIOS. Now.. I can only up date the bios using a floppy disk as i can't get into bios with usbs. I have only one floppy drive and i'm not sure if it works. I format it as FAT, put the bios files on, select it in Q-Flash and it says disk error.

Please help. Thanks.
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  1. Format the floppy again, with the 'quick format' box unchecked. After the format, open a CommandPrompt, and type in 'chkdsk a:' - see what it tells you...
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- U can try with a CD but be sure that is a booteable CD
    2- U also can get a borrow AMD CPU and update the BIOS with that CPU.
  3. I got it working. I used an old IDE HDD and formatted it as FAT32. Only Floppy Drives and FAT32 HDD's show up in Q-Flash. The floppy drive was faulty in the end. Thanks for the replies.
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