Strange cpu heating problem

I had a thermaltake heatsink, don't remember the model. The cpu temp would be fine when the case was horizontal. But when vertical, it was as if there was no heatsink at all. It would get up to the max temp and shutdown. Anyone ever heard of this? I have since replaced and the problem is gone, but still wonder why it did that.
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  1. Yeah some of the older cpu single socket retention clips were poorly suited to holding a 400 gram plus HSF sideways (inside a case with the mobo vertical) and tended to tilt slightly.

    The bare core (no IHS) designs used for the Athlon XP cpus with the 4 rubber feet in each corner didn't help holding the honking great chunk of copper either.

    That said a few Pentium 3's were bare core too.

    With the IHS now on most new CPU's, along with a stronger retention clip system that either has 4 point push fit locks, or a surround locking mechanism greatly helps keeping the HSF firmly located on the CPU.

    Hope this helps.
  2. I thought that too, and applied as much pressure as I could and it would still overheat while vertical. I actually had my hand on the HSF and slowly tilted it upright. It wouldn't overheat until it was completely upright. It didn't get any warmer as it went up. The temps were either mid 40's, or max, there was no in between. I had the HSF in so tight that the screws became stripped, and I had to drill them out to replace. It wasn't a fun experience.

    It was on a 775, but still don't know what would cause this. Any more ideas?
  3. if its anything like my customers its from user error...
  4. I don't think you're getting what I'm saying. The HSF was on properly. There was absolutely no movement from any piece of the HSF mount, nor did it slide into a different position. It was held by myself, and another tech front and back of the motherboard to different positions to determine when the temp would rise. I am asking if anyone has any idea what would cause this. I suspect that it may have something to do with this thermal compound that I got from Tiger Direct. I've never used it before, and I never will again. Is it possible for air to cause this problem by getting in the compound somehow? Again, this was done properly three different times, all with the same thermal gel, mounted correctly each time.
    Anybody ever see this before?
  5. Is it a tower or desktop case ... I know this seems a dumb question but there is venting on the side next to the PSU on olderproprietary desktops.

    It shouldn't be as severe with a cpu that has an IHS (775) ... your correct there.

    The only thing I can think of isuneven weight loading (as I mentioned before) or blocking an intake vent.

    Could be gremlins ??

    I am out of answers ... interesting poroblem though.

  6. I thought the same thing. It was in a cooler master haf 932. I wish that I had video taped this, because it the temp would instantly sky rocket once it was in an upright position. I tried to get the HSF on there so tight that i stripped a screw that had to be drilled out! After all that, I replaced the older cooler with a vm v8, and used the same thermal compound I got from TD. Its this ultra thermal gel. It looked like it would probably be good, so I bought it. Even with the new cooler on, the temps were still high. It was able to be in the correct position though. Once I replaced the thermal grease, it dropped 10 to 15 degrees. So I'm leaning towards the ultra gel to be the culprit, but can't say for sure.
  7. I tend to like the AS greases ... seem to do the job.

    The packet stuff that comes with some of the coolers (white gel) I tend to find is quite aweful ...

    Anyway, good luck.
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