SSD or or ?
Have linked theese 3 because i dont want a Corsair, Intel its way more expensive and i dont haveCrucial in Romania :(, so what do you think that should be my next upgrade?
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  2. As I mentioned on another thread, there's no easy answer. Most probably you won't notice any speed difference in every-day usage between any of the models you linked unless you're doing very specific tasks. I struggled for a long time myself before finally deciding. After a lot of deliberation I ordered an OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS today (120gig) despite the reported problems. The reasons for my choice:

    1) OCZ is Sandforce's partner, this means decent long-term firmware support. They're bound to sort out the mess eventually.

    2) If you have a third-party (meaning non-Intel) SATA3 controller on your mobo, then choosing an OCZ shouldn't be such a minefield after all. I plan to try mine on an Intel port of my board first, and if I get the usual trouble reported by many users I'll just plug it to an ASMedia SATA3 port and endure slower speeds until firmwares get better.

    3) The Max IOPS (as well as the Patriot Wildfire) both feature 34nm synchronous Toshiba toggle NAND. The trend at the moment is that most companies are switching to cheaper 25nm NAND. The 32nm/34nm varieties may not be around for much longer so I grabbed one while I still can. I will probably get another one before Christmas for a RAID0 setup. Some users may argue that SSD controllers have evolved nowadays so 34nm vs 25nm may no longer be an issue regarding the longevity of the drive. This may be true but I'd say there must be a reason for OCZ switching from the cheaper 25nm on the Vertex3 back to the more expensive Toshiba 34nm on the Vertex 3 Max IOPS... What you make of it is your call entirely. Personally I will be transfering huge files between SSDs and spinners on a daily basis (it has to do with my work), so for me 34nm it is.

    Hope this helps. If you're commited on choosing only between of the drives you linked I'd personally go for the Kingston HyperX as it should be faster than the Vertex 3 you linked. Just remember that the HyperX also has its fair share of Sandforce-related troubles, and as I said you most probably wouldn't notice any real-life usage speed difference between the two.
  3. thanks for the reply
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