CPU longevity?

Hello, I just got my new rig built and running great. Ive never OC'd anything yet, but I have heard that with todays software, its easy as pie and if you dont overdo it, your cards life expectancy will not suffer. On the flipside, Ive also heard that if you OC your CPU, it will affect its longevity. Period.
My rig specs:
Asus P9x79 deluxe mobo
Intel I7-3820
Corsair dominator 16GB 1600
MSI lightning 7970
Asus xonar essence stx
corsair h80 liquid cpu cooler
cooler master 850w modular psu
crucial m4 138gb ssd
hitachi 2tb hdd
cooler master cosmos II

So, Ive been told I can safely OC this cpu to 4.5 without a flinch and the chip would not suffer. Is this true? Or is any OC a lifespan killer? I dont want a crazy OC but i would like some if its not going to cause long term damage.
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  1. As long as temps are within spec, you cannot damage the cpu by overclocking.
  2. Ok. Now since Ive never OC'd anything before, is it safe for me to just use Asus autotuning? My knowledge of OC'ing is pretty minimal so i have to ask, can I leave it OC'd 24/7 or do I have to scale back to defaults regularly? The autotune function seems perfect for people like me. I just dont want to ruin anything on this build since, in reality, I can only afford this build once a millenia. Thx!!!
  3. im 31 years old. ive had pcs since i was 12. ive never... ever... seen a cpu die from over use. not mine, not someone elses. im an avid overclocker.

    cpus tend to outlive their useful lifespan by great margins.

    take from that what you will
  4. Ok, but what about asus autotune? leaving it OC'd 24/7? Is this a safe bet for the long haul?
  5. truth is no one really knows with these new cpus and chipsets and auto overclocking features

    so far so good? lol
  6. just tryin to get an idea i guess. What about the functionality of autotuning in previous gen hardware? Im assuming autotuning is the way i should go since i have no clue how to manual oc anything.
  7. in general people advise against using the auto overclocking features on a motherboard
  8. geekapproved said:
    As long as temps are within spec, you cannot damage the cpu by overclocking.

    I'm not sure that's true. Granted, you're not going to see a spectacular failure like the cpu exploding sending silicon shrapnel through your case, but high voltages definitely lower the life expectancy of the cpu. That said, it's unlikely you would notice since most of us replace our processor every few years anyway.

    It's also possible to get moderate gains without raising the voltage since they ship with a higher than needed voltage stock to allow for a larger range in chip quality through binning.
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