Possible mobo failure? Please some advice?

I have a new build only 3 months old has been running fine until I shut down the system in the Asus express gate power down option. I had never used it before and now my PC wont boot/wont post? all light,fans,GPU fans, etc. work fine,and the RAM light is on? I removed the RAM hoping for the mobo to beep got nothing and the blue LED RAM light is still on? Im thinking that it shouldnt be on still? and thats the reason why my motherboard is cooked?
my specs are
noctua uh12p heatsink
asus p6tv2
patriot 6gb Ram
asus 4890 gpu
corsair 750w PSU

The mobo is onlhy a few months old and why would it be cooked already? expecially if it was shut down through Asus own power down option? advice dont install express gate!!!
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS.
  2. jsc is right - your best chance is to clear the CMOS RAM. Check your mobo manual how to do that. There's a pretty good chance everything will be fine after that. Taking out the RAM (which I assume means you removed the 6GB RAM modules) won't do a thing.

    Oh - and your comment about the LED RAM light still being on is a bit scary. I hope you're switching off all power before doing anything on the mobo?! Maybe I misunderstood, though.
  3. ok will try the clearing the CMOS thank you ..and haha yes the power was certainly off..I dont want to smell like burnt chicken...
    thanks again Ill post the results after
  4. Nothing happend no change so gonna have to start pulling everything apart and re-seat things
  5. ya no change at all the same thing board lights up fans spin but nothing happens
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