Think i may have virus...

My HDD light wont shut off. The last time this happened to me( years ago) someone told me i have an MBR issue. I downloaded an mbr scanner, but it found nothing. ive ran malware bytes, and MS security essentials. All come up clean, but i know something is up. the scanner i used was called GMBR.

My boot up took forever today, i sat at the flash screen forever( about 1 minute normally i barely have time to enter the bios. )

i know there is something out there called combofix, but ive heard to use it only under dire circumstances. so, quite annoyed, resources being eaten up, and cant find an answer. help, greatly appreciated.
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  1. there are new viruses that affect the bios. and from there infect the rest of the system each boot. here is all i know about them.,7400.html
  2. how does one flash the bios? ive moved the jumper, and unplugged the battery. do you push the button when the jumper is moved? nothing happened.. do you do it while the machine is on?

    i can build em, i can play on them,,, i just am bad at fixing them.
  3. DO you have your system set to autoupdate ?? -- Might just have been a few updates from MS loading -- they can take awhile at times and certain files can only be updated during the boot cycle before they are being used so that can at times make the system boot slow wwhile they install ---- also was the system doing anything while the HDD light was on ? (again could be something windows was doing in the background (ie. by default it runs a disk defrag every once in a while or perhas your AV running a scan) those can at times make you think something is happening since they take awhile to run and are run in the background so you may not even know they are running !
  4. i was thinking that, i went to windows update, it didnt say i had anything, so then i got paranoid.

    i am also paranoid because my 2nd rig crashed the other day, for no apparent reason what so ever. no flash, everything works, but nothing. so i am extra paranoid here, been on for 3 hours now, light still on. i am reluctant to turn it off.

    the only thing i have done on this machine was install origin, and the BF3 beta.
  5. Last time i checked combofix is 32bit only O/S .
    I use this it's quick for 32/64 bit
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