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ok... i am broke... well like beyond broke... and kinda lazy after a long day at work... i download alot of files and really enjoy some you tube movies but due to my old computers specs i am looking for a really good set of software i could run from my laptop so i can sit in my recliner and totally control my desktop in my bedroom.. the laptop runs windows xp home and the desktop runs ubuntu 9.1 64 bit... as it is a custom built tower and i dont own a copy of windows for it... my laptop is a 650mhz processor and 1 gig ram... basiclly ir does fine with one or antoher but i cant do both processes at once with the laptop... the desktop is a rather nice bargain i got from newegg its a 2.9 ghz processor and 4 gigs ram... and before we all attack the new guy asking a question please note i am mearly asking for help and support... not suggestions to buy a new laptop... i need a car more and the soonest i can get a new laptop is going to be about a year away so i need something to get this to work till then... the main things i want to be able to do are to login and control the desktop and then i would also like to be able to share documents and maybe even get the sound from the desktop... and i want to do all this from the xp laptop... anymore questions just ask
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  1. You'll be wanting to google for
    ubuntu remote desktop from windows
  2. well i have done some research bofore doing this post and couldnt find anything under remote desktop that would work like i wanted it to... what i woulld like is to be able top come home turn on the desktop make some food and sit down and from my laptop be able to login and totally control the desk top and have it downloading or runniong the stuff that the laptop cant handlew while i am useing facebook and you tube... i have found a remote desktop program patch for ubuntu preinstallled in 9.10 and it works with the windows xp remote desktop only problem is that i have to go send an email from the desktop about once an hour to keep the connection going... i would like to cut out this problem and make it so i can share files from one to the other... which i cant through windows xp remote desktop and most remote desktops... but i do very much appriciate the help so far but i need a little more to get me there
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