Overclock i5-2500K on Asrock Z77 Extreme6

Seems that there is no reply.
So, I thought I might change the topic a little bit..

As I was saying, I have just completed my first build a few days ago.
I'm totally new to overclocking,
but I would really like to give it a shot.

I'm not looking to push my CPU to its limits or set new records whatsoever,
but just for some improvement in speed and performance.
I'm looking at maybe 4.5Ghz, then I'll be satisfied (well, for now.. :p).

I found some guides to some overclock settings online,
but they seem far too confusing and complicated to me.

I found some screen captures of other OC er's settings using the same CPU and Asrock boards,
unfortunately they were using the older UEFI.
Some names and terms have changed, and I wasn't able to follow their settings,
because I couldn't match the titles.

I read something online that said one simplest way to OC is to simply change the multiplier,
set everything else to AUTO, and let the board do the rest.
Is it possible for me to OC this way, as all I'm looking for is 4.5Ghz?

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  1. Help... =[
  2. He's too lazy to read the guide apparently.
  3. It's a she, and i've read through that guide..

    anyways, I tried setting just the multiplier to 40 (trying 42 now)
    everything else by default settings.
    im worried about the CPU temperature
    at 40x I got max 69degress,
    now running test on 42x, max so far is 67.

    is this too high? or is it normal? CPU vcore is at 1.26.

  4. that would be pushing the threshold at 70C. what heatsink are you using?
  5. Coolermaster x6
  6. you may want to re-apply your thermal compound. what type do you have and how did you apply it?
  7. I used the one that came with the CPU fan.
    Well I put an 'x' on the CPU then spreaded it out.
    Maybe I put on too much..?
  8. Z77? Anyways, there is too much compound. Scrape it all off and apply a pea size dot in the middle of the cpu.
  9. What country are you in and what is the ambient temperature? If you are in a particularly hot country you may need to increase your cooling...
  10. amuffin: yes, Z77. Is there a specific kind or brand of compound that's better?

    americanbrian: I live in Macau, next to Hong Kong. The whether's getting pretty warm now, and it's quite humid in the summers. Temperature gets to around 30 degrees Celsius. But I always have the air con on at 24 degrees, if that even helps.
  11. Air con does help but for instance in the UK where I live we are lucky to have ambients at 20C.

    You may be forced to invest in a more powerful cooling solution to hit what is really quite an ambitious OC target (for a first timer anyway...)

    Don't forget to turn Turbo boost off too, just in case you haven't...
  12. You're right, I haven't turned it off yet..
    I will do that tomorrow, about to sleep now..
    BTW, ow does not turning off the turbo boost affect my OCing?
  13. It can upset stability as if it tries to fire up a core with turbo it can try to go faster than is stable.

    Most people trying to go towards the upper limits will turn it off.
  14. I see!
    Thanks for your help, and I will work on my cooling first before I start anything else.
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