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Noob looking for water cooling answer!

Hello everyone, I have recent put together my first custom PC build. Before i go any further here are my system specs.
Asus sabertooth 990fx
amd fx 8120
Geforce 550 ti fpb
16 gb kingston ddr3 memory
ThermalTake overseer rx-i case

Now, I have the cpu overclocked from 3.1 to 3.88 atm, and i would like to overclock it even further. Thing is the running temps are either 23c or 40c (depending on which program i use to monitor the temp. The asus AI suite gives me the 40c. While AMD overdrive and Core Temp are giving me an idle of around 28.) and load temps ranging from 45-52. I have read this particular processor's max temp is 61, I am looking to water cool my cpu, but it looks like I am limited to a 240mm radiator for my case, I was looking at the XsPc water cooling solutions, but their radiators seem a bit large for my case.
The question comes down to, 1. do I even need to water cool my cpu?(I need this computer to last a while) 2. If I do need to water cool, what are my best options?
Sorry for the long question, and thanks for your answers in advance!
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    The difference in temps is normal. AMD overdrive is monitoring the internal sensor inside the chip. Asus AI is monitoring the sensor on the socket located underneath the cpu (farther away from the cooler) so this is normal to have the socket temp higher than the cpu.

    But as for your question, I mounted a wc loop for a friend in a similar case (thermaltake dokker), used the EX 240 rad, and had to mount the fans on top of the case with the radiator inside.

    Ex 240 kit can be found here:

    Looks like the overseer may have a tiny bit more room, the fans may fit inside. The RX radiator would still be an extremely tight fit.

    Optional cooling: CM hyper 212 EVO.
  2. Water cooling:
    This solution requires a dual-fan configuration on the top of your case, properly spaced but it's a great solution:

    Water Cooling CONS:
    Water cooling isn't always better. Many kits have issues with the pump making noises, and it still has a fan.

    My advice would be to get a really good HSF. I got the Noctua NH-D14 and I could actually play games with the fans turned OFF. I didn't leave it that way but it's comforting to know my fans could actually quit and I'd have no issues.

    So the fans for my Heatsink are really quiet and I don't worry about potential leaks or pump issues.

    *I recommend the above HSF. It's about $90 and should be compatible with your motherboard.

    A newer Noctua, very similar:
  3. Other:
    *Make sure your CPU fan control is set properly. I had to change the BIOS setting to "voltage" otherwise the fan just spun at 100%.
  4. you should only have to switch your fan control to voltage when its a 3pin fan not a 4pin PWM managed fan.

    this is normal for this situation.
  5. As far as the XSPC kits go, if you are tight on space go for the EX, its the same thickness as the Rs but performs closer to the RX, which is twice the thickness, mines like a housebrick on top of my case :-)
    *Edit, a 240 is fine for just Cpu btw,
  6. thank you everyone for your info!
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