7970 xfx dual fan blackedition or asus direct cu2?

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  1. I have the XFX DD 7950, I like it, the double dissipation setup seems to work nicely, my light overclock doesn't make the fans audible even while gaming and temps don't exceed 60C
    Can't say about the asus model, haven't been exposed to it or it's kin (I do have an Asus GT430 - it works good)
  2. I have two Asus 6950 2Gb DCII'S, they are tripleslot cards so if you do go for the Asus, make sure you have room :-)
    Mine are at stock with a 34'c idle on low fanspeed, I'll check the heaven benchmark for load temps and post later
  3. Asus direct CU II, it is not as good as the twinfrozr II or Twinfrozr III but almost as good. However the twinfrozrs are much better than the DD so we can assume the Direct CU II cooler is better... :)
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