MSI r6950 doing WEIRD things...

Hey all. So I am having some pretty weird problems with the r6950. tried flashing the BIOS, it was unsuccessul. So now it is causing my computer to become unstable..It BSOD sometimes with 124 code. (hardware failure) sometimes it doesnt even output a signal, it freezes often, I am not sure if it is my mobo quite honestly. Sometimes is boots at 100% with the led on top lit....i am thoroughly LOST..and i usually am pretty self sufficient.

Should i try to reload with the cd that came with my card? I cant even get into the OS to reflash the BIOS...
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  1. You will need another card in order to flash the card. First put your secondary card into the primary slot, and the bad card into the second slot. Then download the correct bios and reflash the bad card.
  2. hmm.....i dont think i even have another card....oh wait! I have an ollddddd geforce series 4 card. lol ill will use that and see what happens...I keep getting BSOD now..and system wont really start
  3. the old mx440 doesnt even fit on my mobo. LOL..its an 8x which i dotn have any of..what now?
  4. also if it helps to know....the card pulsates on start the boost up to maybe 60% then back down, up then down...etc..
  5. Mobo has igp?
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