Can\'t transfer back photograph from my facebook page

I did'nt realise when putting up photo files on my facebook page, the file is transferred from my pictures/documents in total, ie., it's not copied but transferred in total. How do I get the file back to my documents/pictures. I need it for news media.
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  1. Copy the file and put it into your documents/pictures? Your not making any sense because if you upload a picture it doesnt delete it off your HD, it just copies it to the website. However if your downloading a picture it might be in your pictures or documents or downloads folder depending on where you last saved a picture. You can always find it if you forgot where it went by looking at the download history in your internet browser.
  2. Uploading pictures on Facebook or any social sites does not delete the picture from your system.
    If the pictures are no longer available on your PC.
    Login to your Facebook account
    View the picture, right click on it then choose save. :bounce:
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