Forced to replace my motherboard, looking for advice.

Hey guys,

I wanted to wait until Diablo 3/Starcraft 2 came out before upgrading my system, but my motherboard has decided to force my hand in the matter. I'm weighing my options right now for what I can do, and I've basically decided that I'm either going to go all out now and hope that the system can play those games at the most extreme settings without lag, or pay a relatively small amount to just get me by right now, and do a formal upgrade later.

I checked Tigerdirect for some good motherboard/CPU bundles, and unfortunately, all of them will require me to buy new RAM as well, as my current PC3200 RAM is not supported by any of their advertised products in the bundles category (unless those motherboards that support DDR2 are indeed backwards compatible, and if they are, it would be nice if they stated that..).

Here is what I found to be the cheapest solution:

This motherboard bundle:

And this RAM:

I really am partial to waiting it out with a cheap system that I can replace without any regrets, since when those games come out, the hardware that will be available at that time will likely be much better than what is available right now in the $600-$800 price range. If someone has a cheaper option for me, that would be sweet. Otherwise, I'm just wondering if what I'm planning to buy is likely to last 2-3 years before I need to replace it. Thanks!
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  1. That solution might be good for a couple years (or even more), but you selected a really cheap motherboard. PC3200 (DDR) hasn't been supported for several years.
  2. Yeah, I know. It really ticked me off that I couldn't find a board that would support my RAM, so having to shell out 50% of the price of the motherboard bundle JUST for supported RAM which is already obsolete to begin with was infuriating. Either way, I thought about it and decided I'm not going to be going that route. Going to get myself a Core i7 x58 build, so this thread is pretty much obsolete. Thank you very much for your response. :)
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