Guidance for 2500k and GA-Z68AP-D3

Anybody have any guidance material on how to overclock my Intel Processor (2500k) specifically for Gigabyte motherboards?
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  1. - Do not install any Gigabyte crappy software. Install drivers only.
    - Set Default Optimized Settings in Bios. Reboot.
    - Insatll Windows. Reboot to Bios.
    - Set XMP for RAM if supported.
    - Disable Intel TurboBoost.
    - Set multiplier to x40. Reboot to Windows
    - Stress test with Prime95 and monitor temp with HWmonitor.
    - If Prime95 is stable for 20 minutes and CPU temp below max limit which is 99C then you can OC some more.
    - Raise multiplier by 1 and test again until your goal is reach (I leave mine at 4Ghz)
    - If you get BSOD or Shutdown, reboot to Bios, set CPU Vcore to Notmal then raise Dynamic Vcore some notch and test again.
    - Crash? Raise Vcore a notch and test again.
    - If you get frustrated because you can't find that sweet spot (good OCing value and low Vcore=low temp) then set everything back to default and leave it the way it is. Good luck.
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    omg dont do that
  3. I was actually looking for this:

    If anyone else stumbles upon this post..
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