D-CH Transcend DDR2 800 Help!

Hi guys,

I am planing to upgrade my ram to 4gb,Now i have 2gb of transcend ddr2 800 jetram,should i buy the same ram again for making it dual channel or ,Do i need to buy another dual channel kit?

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    Nah.. Just buy the same Transcend DDR2 JetRAM and it'll work as Dual channel memory...

    I bought a 2GB DDR2 Jetram 2 years ago and added another identical stick an year ago. They work very well :)
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  3. Ok,Thanks shubham1401 for fast reply!
  4. You're Welcome Dude :)
  5. BTW Prices has risen steelpy...
    When I bought it was Rs1000 for a 2GB Stick :lol:
  6. wow,I got the 2gb for 1700 and now its 1700for 1gb and 2800 for 2gb here.Where are you from?
  7. New Delhi!
    I bought from Nehru Place...

    I have 2X2 GB Transcend DDR2 RAM For approx Rs2200 :lol:

    Guess I was lucky that I bought it that time :)
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