Nothing is coming up on screen - no internal speaker noise

Built my own PC (for the first time), nothing showing on monitor... thinks there is nothing connected.

I am using the graphics card, monitor and cable from my last computer which are compatible.

I made sure i was earthed, and followed all of the instructions from the manuals. I have double checked all of the cables, and everything is plugged in correctly. The 3 case fans are on, the graphics card is working, the CPU fan is on and the light on my mobo shows it can see the Hard drive.

Im using:

core i7 920 8mb cache 2.66ghz
6GB DDR3 ocz 8-8-8 ram 1600mhz
CPU cooler is stock with came with pre applied thermal paste
GeForce 8800 gts 320mb (yes i will be replacing)
Corsair modular 650W
300GB Seagate HDD
CM Storm Scout case

I have tried taking the graphics card and memory out of my case, even after this the speaker which i triple checked is plugged in correctly is not making any noise...

I remember reading that this could be due to faulty PSU, mobo or CPU. Is there any way to narrow this down to a definitive component? or could it be something completely different

Thanks for any replies :)
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  1. what MB? Did you try an out of case assembly?
  2. All things being equal,if it were me I would suspect the cpu,what you might consider is to reassemble it outside of the case [breadboard it] it will then be easier to check everything even with a memtest floppy,,I had an ASUS mobo do the same thing took it back to the store,,it worked fine,Duh,,,, also try with different sticks of ram solo,,,G'luck...:)
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