Corupted bios on notebook bios failure

hello couple days ago i updateted my bios (my Bad ) and now my note book doesnt boot i get no post en then turn off can somebody help me please
i need that laptop work i uploaded a video about this isseu on youtube please watch my video to see whats going on
here is the link
i turned on once and the laptop kept on but now it powers his self off
many thanx to how is helping

ps. sorry for my englisch i know i suck at it

asus l3800s P4 2.0 ghz 512 mb
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  1. Are you sure you corrupted the BIOS? You can't get in again to flash it correctly?

    If you screwed up the BIOS, I'm not sure what you can do to to fix it...

    How did you update the BIOS? What specifically happens when you turn on the machine? Does it POST?
  2. i updateted my bios with a utility i dont remember the name
    and no i cant get in to flash it correctly my laptop powers on and then powers off and when i press dell or f2 dan my laptop stay powerd on but no post or something like that and huron watch my video then you wil see what i mean
    thanks buy the way
  3. Sorry to hear that. I'll watch the video later on today.

    I always worry about updating through an application in an OS instead of doing it with a floppy or flash drive.

    I'll try to get back to it tonight.
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