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Hi Guys,

I have an FTP server set up on my Home Entertainment PC at my house. On there I have all my music and video files stored. I live at a different house, and am constantly uploading new music and video files. Is there a way/program that I can use to automatically scan my music folder and upload any music files that do not exist on the Entertainment PC or have changed since I copied them. I have alot of music (120gb+), so going through each artist to see if it's upload gets timing consuming and annoying. I use this Entertainment PC as a backup for my music files as well, so I want to make sure everything is there. Any suggestions?
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  1. It would be tedious to do. I'm not aware of a program out there to scan and FTP for you as you're looking to do.
    Although you could use a program to check the date of the files, copy them to a "temp" folder if newer than X date, then have your FTP program pull anything from that Temp folder over. Delete files from Temp folder, rinse and repeat.

    What comes to mind would be using ROBOCOPY with the /D: feature to specify a date. Anything newer would copied to the Temp folder. Anything that goes into the Temp folder would be FTP'd to the server or where you want it to go. Move the file via FTP or delete it after the transfer is successful.
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