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Hello, is it possible for me to view my pictures, listen to my music and watch my videos from my laptop with Windows 7 on my LG 50" plasma through my Samsung 3600 wifi Blu-ray player? I can't seem to figure it out nor can I find any answers online. I'm old and not all that knowledgeable. Would appreciate any help.
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    According to the above it can:

    Samsung's BD-P3600 takes Blu-ray Disc® player entertainment to the next level. Enjoy your favorite titles in Blu-ray, for the best images and sounds. Our innovative Video Quality Enhancement (VQE) feature further improves the picture quality, adjusting brightness while reducing shaking, flickering and other visual “noise.” Access online content wirelessly – the BD-P3600 is WiFi ready (wireless adaptor included). And PC streaming puts your computer’s media files at your command, on your HDTV.

    On pg. 57 of the manual, it described the procedures. Basically no more complicated than identifying a shared folder in the blu-ray player configuration settings where the content is available.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have solved the problem but not in a very easy way. Recognizing my shared folders on my computer with Vista was very easy but with my laptop w/Windows 7 it was very difficult to figure out. Even Samsung Tier 2 support wasn't able to figure it out. You would think they would considering that forums are filled with this problem. I figured it out but the media files folders have to be in the root directory or they will not be recognized in Windows 7. I also removed the homegroup being as the laptop is the only computer with Windows 7. I had to put my Video and Music folders in my Picture folder and viola!!! it worked.
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