Can anyone solve this problem !!!!!

I have 2 kingston 2gb 800 mhz ddr2 ram transcend ram. When i put in both the ramsmy system becomes slow and pauses a lot. does weird things like screen flickering while playin movie on vlc. some programs do not respond sometimes. i have done memtest no problem with both rams. when only one is being used computer is working fine like a charm. i am using windows xp sp3 professional version 2002.

my pc configuration:

intel dg33fbu motherboard
e 4500 core2duo 2.2 ghz
2 seagate 160 gb hard disk
1 360 gb wdc
2 2gb ddr2 800 mhz transcend ram
nvidia 9600gt
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What specifications has the RAM?
  2. thank you saint both are transcend ddr2 800 dimm 2gb 7t .......!!!
  3. Full specs please.

    CL (x-x-x-xx), voltage, and speed.

    My 1st impression could be that one the stick is failing.
  4. I don't even have to look at the motherboard specs. This is classic symtoms of "motherboard doesn't support that much memory" syndrome.

    EDIT: oops...never mind. I misread the amount of ram you listed. Couldn't be that. I thought you said 12GB, not 4.
  5. according to everest ultimate it shows my ram clock timings are
    6-6-6-18 @400 mhz
    5-5-5-15 @333mhz
    4-4-4-12 @266 mhz

    i dont know where to check the voltage but wat i found was
    module voltage sstl 1.8
    if that helps

    P.S. also if you could tell me what else information u want to know to resolve
    this problem and how do i find the answer to your questions!

    thank you
  6. compare those rams specs to the RAMS official specs. See if they match.

    Could have a bad ram slot.

    Was this ram an upgrade was it working at one time?
  7. i couldnt find the official specs though since i have 2 brand new rams and both work perfectly wen being used alone but cause a lot of problems when being used together
  8. Does your mobo support dual channel?
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