Case Fans - 120mm Blue LED

I'm looking for blue LED fans, mostly for aesthetic purposes. I've looked at the following two fans:

Does anyone have recommendations for any fans? The ones I've looked at are

Cooler Master Computer Case Cooling R4-L2R-20AC-GP

Aerocool Shark 120mm Blue Edition Fan

I think I might've seen the Shark with black blades at Fry's, but it might have been a different model.

Thanks for your advice!
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  1. I have the green version of the Cooler Master fan. I've only had it for 6 months but it it still working fine. The screws are hard to get in, you have to cut a lot of material when screwing in the screws, you either have to drive the screws through before you put it in the case, to pre thread the holes, or take an electric drill, and very slightly widen the holes, careful though, use a smaller bit than the hole and just run it around the outside of the hole, you don't want to make it too big.
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