Best Memory to Match CPU?

Hey Everyone,

My question is regarding the best way to matchmemory speed to my processor speed.

I have an Intel E8400 core 2 duo which has a FSB speed of 1333 and I want to find RAM that will make the most of this. I was wondering how to calculate how much of my memory that I would be using and how to know which memory would be best to match speeds. And how do you tell what the memory bus speed is? I hear of processors running at 100MHz and 200MHz as well as CPU's.

Since my CPU is dual core, does that mean I would be best off getting DDR2-667 RAM? (1333/2 = 667)

Any help would be appreciated.

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    The type of RAM you should get depends on the motherboard you plan to get. Some 775 boards are designed for DDR2 RAM and some are designed for DDR3 RAM. If you plan to use a 32-bit OS, you could get by with 2x1GB sticks of RAM because 32-bit windows cannot see or use more than ~3.5GB of RAM. If you are using a 64-bit OS, you can get good performance from 2x2GB sticks. You CAN buy RAM that matches the motherboard's 1333MHz bus, but you don't have to do so, just make sure the RAM you buy is on the Qualified Vendors List for the motherboard you are getting. Most motherboard mfrs post the QVL for their motherboards on their websites.
  2. The FSB really doesn't apply to what ram speed you need. Ram speed in general doesn't matter very much.
    By the way, the number at the end of "ddr" means the version of ram it is. Double Data Rate version 2 is ddr2. It's just how new the technology is.
    Any ddr2 will do, but 1066 will technically be the best if you want to get that.
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