Blu-Ray playback software not recognizing SSD?

I have two BD-R playback programs - Cyberlink 8 (which came bundled with the drive - Plextor B940) and Arcsoft Total Media Theater. Now after I got Windows installed on my SSD (Intel 320 120GB) I couldn't get the TMT software to read any of my BD-Rs past the title screen, there would be sound, but no picture. Now the odd thing is that the Cyberlink software functions perfectly - even without the annoying error messages. The thing I'm wondering about this though is that is it the playback software itself, is it an issue with my drive, or is it an issue with the Windows installation (64-bit home premium)?
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  1. Since Cyberlink 8 works properly the issue is probably with Arcsoft TMT.

    Uninstall TMT, reboot your pc, install TMT, reboot your pc, run TMT and see if that works.
  2. It's not going to be an issue with your SSD. It's a software/driver issue.
    Have both programs installed on SSds, cyberlink on two desktops with SSDs and Total Theathre on two laptops, both also with SSDs.

    Before you uninstall, verify there is not an update to the software. Ifso try that first, no luck then try the uninstall and reinstall.
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