How do i clone a larger disc to a smaller disc?

Hello,how do i clone a larger disc to a smaller one with out raid. Just want to back up operating systems.
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  1. You can use disk compression to make the small one bigger...
    right click on the drive
    click properties
    click Compress drive to save disk space.
  2. Any good clone software will allow a larger partition to be cloned to a smaller partition, as long as the larger partition is not too full to fit onto the smaller partition.
  3. You can save an image of one drive to a smaller one as long as the free space on the smaller drive is more than the used space on your current drive, or at least bigger than the compressed image file of that drive. As for cloning, you need to shrink the partition of the bigger drive to match the size of the smaller drive. You can't clone a partition that's bigger than your target drive (in this case the smaller one)
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