Running Out Of Sata Ports!

OK, I am about to order 2 x 2TB hard drives (Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000) to add to the 3 HDD's I already have on my v1 WHS, bringing the total to 5. But my MSI 785GM-E51 mobo only has space for 4 SATA drives. Is this where a SATA controller card comes in? If so, which one have people used successfully? Ideally, I would like to have a seamless addition to the WHS without any loss of data or massive reconfiguring. Thanks.
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  1. Yes there are cards for what you need. Take a look here: I am sure you can find one that meets your needs.
  2. Yeah, I spent a good amount of this afternoon sorting thru cards on Newegg's site. Some have more favorable reviews than others. Anyone have any particular success with Windows Home Server v1?
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