Core i7 930 really high temps

Hey guys so I recently changed my case and motherboard to a hafx and asus sabertooth x58. However after the change my cpu temps are very very high. Even on stock clocks at idle my temps are about 20 degrees higher than they were previously. I have a thermaltake frio ock cpu cooler. My idle temps were initially at 65 degrees at stock, they used to be around 38. I cant oc at all cause the temps just get way too high. I tried reseating the cooler and applying more thermal paste and the temps are now at 55 degrees at idle on stock but still way too high. Anyone have any ideas what might be the problem? Thanks.
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  1. It sounds to me like you over applied the thermal paste. The thermal paste is designed to fill in gaps between the processor and cooler not put a layer of thermal paste between them. The application should look like a thumb-print, and ahould not ooze out from the CPU/heatsink contact. Clean the processor up with isopropyl alcohol and reapply new paste no larger than five peppercorns equally spaced on the CPU/heatsink (I always apply the past to the heatsink).
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