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i have two identical 8800gt cards 6gig of memory asus pfn32 3 sli plus board both cards are shown in system info most upto date drivers problem unable to access sli mode this does not load when i installed the second card unable to access sli mode on nvidea control panel please help i have tried swapping the cards tried them without bridge bios updated on board not clued up much so be gentle with your replys thanks jeff
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  1. So you mean that in nvidia control panel you don't have the option for enabling/disabling SLI ?
  2. i would try re-installing the drivers first. are both video cards appearing in device manager properly?
  3. thanks guys thats right no options in the nvidea control panel to enable sli. on my control panel i have three folders they are niveda physx nvida control panel and nvida desktop manager there is an issue with the manager.
    Both cards do show in the device manager i have tried re installing the drivers and that doesnt work
  4. Have you tried installing older drivers too ?
  5. Maziar said:
    Have you tried installing older drivers too ?

    Hi no i havent i have removed one of the cards now if i re installed the card then went to devic manager and removed both cards and the drivers then re install the originals drivers would that help. if it would how do i go about it i am just thinking of the the restart this m board has no on board graphics thanks jeff
  6. Can you post your motherboard info again? I cannot pull anything with "Asus PFN32-E SLi " ......
  7. Hi MB asus p5n32-e sli plus, 6 gig corsair sli memory 2 x 8800 gt 300gig hdd, 850 psu
    latest bios latest nvidia driver unable lo locate or activate sli modes
  8. Take a look at this link,it has some solutions,try them:
    BTW what is your OS ?
  9. Hi thanks os is xp bit confusing at the end i have been informed from nivida if the cards are the same chip i.e two 8800 they will work it appears that the link states that the card ram has to be the same my cards are 512mb and 640mb help
  10. There is no 8800GT 640MB card. Sounds like your trying to make an 8800GT and an old 8800GTS card work in SLI. If so, I don't think that will work from what your saying. (meaning thats why the manager won't allow SLI. You don't have identical enough cards.)
  11. That's the problem,as 4745454b said you can't SLI a 8800GT 512 with 8800GTS 640,the cards have to be exactly the same in order to work in SLI
  12. OP, download and run GPUz and and you will see that you have two cards with different GPU's, a G80 and a G92, this is why they will not SLi.
  13. thanks very much i was under the impression that as the cards were both 8800 they would work fine looks like i am selling a card once again thanks
  14. No problem make sure you buy 2 identical cards in order to use SLI or CF
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