Pc just died?

So I was just playing gta on my rig.

I heard 2 crackles and everything shut down. I tried to turn on my pc, but no avail. I spelt plastic burning and I called my mom and asked her if she smelt it too, she said she did too. So I unhooked everything and let it sit for a while and now my motherboard doesn't light up even with the power cable plugged in. Is my psu gone?

My specs:

I7 960
12gb corsair ram
Dual 5870
Evga x58 classified 3-way sli
1tb caviar black
1050w ultra x4 psu
Haf 932 case

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. I would try swapping in a known working PSU.
  2. I would agree with the PSU diagnosis.
  3. Hopefully it didn't take out any of the other components with it.
  4. PSU most likely. But if u can disassamble the componenets, you would probably see the plastic part that burned. If you dont see it, its probably becouse its inside the PSU.

    Good luck!
  5. Psu died.. Hope it didn't take anything with it..
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