Another SSD caching thread...

{Current specs:
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
Crucial M4 128GB SSD
WD 3TB hard drive}

I would like to keep my 128GB SSD dedicated to Windows and my work programs. My 3TB drive is dedicated to my particular, Steam (which we all know stupidly does not allow its games to be installed across multiple hard drives without third-party workarounds). At the moment, this configuration is not SSD-cachable.

I was wondering if I added a 64GB SSD, would it only cache for the 128GB SSD or for the 3TB as well? I realize SSD caching isn't quite as fast as pure SSD usage, but it'd be a darned sight better than loading my most-played games on a slow drive all the time.
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  1. The purpose of Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) caching is to boost the performance of a HDD with an operating system installed on it with a SSD used as a cache drive.

    You would have to install Windows on the 3TB HDD and then install the SRT software.
    When you run the SRT software you would then select the 64GB SSD as your cache drive.

    Personally, I would stick with your current setup. :)
  2. As I feared. Was hoping I could finagle the 3TB drive in there somehow with a second SSD while keeping the OS on the first SSD.

    Oh well, I blame Steam more than Intel.
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