Best graphic card for gigabyte G31 motherboard

I have P4 3.0 Gh. processor on Gigabyte G31 motherboard, I want to buy a cheap and best graphic card.

uses are not much
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  1. It seems there are AGP and PCI-E variants of this board. I'll assume AGP with your Pentium 4.

    You'll probably need to head to ebay. The radeon x700 is a great card, for gaming. A radeon 9250 would be about $5.

    For a PCI-E slot, an HD4650 for $40 will be fine for you.
  2. There are AGP versions? I didn't see any. Im going to assume PCI-E.

    Cheap best card are kinda opposites. Best = $$$$. You can get a good bang for your buck, but that is all you can do. What Power Supply do you have? A 4870 is a good bang for the buck and is kinda in the middle of the road. I am assuming you will play games on it. If you want a DX11 card the 5750 is a good deal, but performs under a 4870, however uses less power and is DX11.
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