DVD/Writer Freezing desktop problem?

hello guys i need serious help here my DVD/Rom got crazy everytime i insert CD/DVD disk my whole desktop will freeze including the playing music except my mouse pointer is only moving other window,folders,application says its not functioning , even the DVD rom is empty still happen the same thing

the now the worst things happen it delays the load from desktop during fresh restart/reboot when the desktop loads it freeze in 2-3minutes

this is all happen yesterday i was playing some type of game then it sudden restart my computer

anyone knows the solution for this is this some kind a spyware or virus ? Thanks in advance i really appreciate it!

my system specs:

Windows 7 32bit Ultimate
E7500 2.93
9800GT - Green Edition (without PCIe pins)
500Watts PSU - generic brand i forgot the name

LG GH22LP20 - my DVD/Rom IDE / was set into Master


never mind i guess its PSU or some kind a i tested the DVD rom to my older computer its working as normal thanks for people who feedback here
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  1. is that a sata drive
  2. 500w PSU? brand?
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