Battery or no battery problem?

My laptop will not turn on fully, the power comes on then immidately goes out why? what do i need to do what what might be the cuase of this?
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  1. Is your battery fully charged and are you trying to turn on with the wall charger plugged into the laptop , That would eliminate a low charged battery problem. The only other thing is that the battery is no good and is completly dead and is preventing the laptop from powering up. The issue as you described says to me the there is a battery problem.
  2. Do you use AC adapter for extended period and battery is plugged in? If yes, good chance that battery is ruined. Will not hold charge anymore. Battery are supposed to be fully charged and fully discharged. A fact that most laptop owner are unaware of.
  3. Agree with electrontau, and also does it hold longer on the power adapter and than it powers off too?
  4. Thank for all your answers, I found out it was my power adpater, i figured there may be a shortage to it. Someone suggested that to me and it works.
    Thomas Owagbemi.
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