Is it ok to set a higher cpu voltage as your base voltage

what i mean is i want to overclock to 4.8 or 4.9 ghz but i wanted to start out overclocking to 4.5ghz so i figured i should set my voltage to around 1.42 and starting bumping up in increments of 0.2 until i reach 4.4ghz and once im ready to go higher i just start bumping up in increments of 0.1 while testing stability with 6 hours of orthos. what do u guys think
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  1. What is your cpu and heating. 1.42 is really high for 4.5. you should be more around 1.32 for that clock speed.

    We need more info

    sorry for typos Im on my phone.
  2. sorry its sorta early lol i7 2600k, Spire thermax eclipse ii 28-30d or C i will check and edit the post
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