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The hard drive on my laptop has died, makes a grinding/clicking noise, the computer won't boot into the OS.

The laptop has a hard drive model: TOSHIBA MK2035GSS 200gb Sata 1.5
The laptop model is Toshiba Satellite U400 PSU40C-08U01C

I called Toshiba support, they said that I could put a Sata 3.0 drive as long as it were 9.5mm in size.

What I want to know is can I put a newer drive in the laptop, say one that's rated to run @ Sata 3.0, but it'll just run at the slower 1.5?
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  1. No reason that shouldn't work as long as the drive is physically the right dimensions to fit in the laptop.
  2. Yes, you can use any SATA 2.0 or 3.0 hard drive in the computer. The standard is backwards compatible. Just find the cheapest drive for your desired capacity from a reputable manufacturer. It will just have to be a 2.5 inch drive.
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    balla786 said:

    Yeah, that'll work. For a boot drive you might want something 7200RPM if you can afford it.
    Either will work just fine, but the 7200rpm will be faster.
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