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hy guys i have connected my bravia 32s400a with a pc through RGB or vga cables but the trouble is the result is all rainy i mean screen is kind a watery like rain effect it gets more prominent after increasing the sharpness ,is it due to my gfx card because it is old nvidia geforce mx 400.the thing is when the pc is running and i take out the plug of tv and put it back again the result then is crystal but it gets back so tell me is it because of my pc help
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  1. is there anyone that can help me pls
  2. Normally video should not degrade over time. Check the cable, Does it do this normally with a monitor?

    Are you running 1920 x 1080? Thats the screens native rez, right?

    If you are maybe the card is having trouble, try to drop it a bit. I did run a card like that @ 1920 x 1200(VGA -> Samsung 245t), but lets face it, the card was never made for that. it did work and was just a bit less clear(most noticeable on text) then running DVI.
  3. first of all thanks for help and the vga cable cannot be connected to a monitor because it has two faces both open ,monitor has it own cable attacthed and the resolution ,tv supports highest resolution of 1360*768 at 60hz as stated on the manual and i have tried every resolution high and low to check but no use, 'try to drop it ' i dont get it should i throw it ? and last what was the clear picture not due to i mean were you also facing white transparent lines on the screen all over it like rain effect ,its really hard to explain like when signal are low of tv and there are white trasparent lines occuring over the picture and moving like flickring and the pic is fine
  4. By drop it, I did mean resolution. my bad

    I never noticed the screen was a 1366 x 768 model since it claims full 1080p support. Strange claim sony

    Hmm, I have never seen this before on a TV. I have run a different 1366 x 768 screen on a Geforce4 go440 without issue.

    I am stumped i think.
  5. sorry for this late reply and yes it was my cable and now the display is crystal clear but there is one problem that when i increase the sharpness or turn it to max with pc or dvd input the screen gets fuzzy or flickery at some points like when seeing a game screenshot of arkum asylum at some point of screen it gets all detailed but also flickery or fuzzy it unoticable at a distance but looking closly it looks bad
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